Webalogue: Wildfires and ecosocial determinants of health

I recently contributed to a webalogue hosted by the Western node of the Community of Practice in Ecosystem Approach to Health (COPEH-Canada). The webalogue explored wildfires and the ecosocial determinants of health in the context of the NWT and British Columbia. Dr. Courtney Howard and I presented on behalf of the 'Summer of Smoke' team on our findings from our research into the health impacts of the 2014 wildfire season in the NWT. 

Howard C, Dodd W, Fumerton R, Pillsworth L, Okey T, Parkes MW. (2017). “Wildfires and ecosocial determinants of health: Reflections on the experience in the NWT and BC”. Ecohealth in Action Webalogue Series. Available online at: https://ecohealthkta.net/webalogues/

Also see the video at: